Totem Spaces

Connect with real people.


A Space made for you

Totem Spaces are structured online video groups, built by people from your community and tailored to your unique experiences.

Grow at a pace that feels right for you, on your own time.

We host our Spaces online so that you can practice mindfulness and share your stories on a schedule that works for you. Totem Spaces are available all week.

Drawing from our past

Totem Spaces are inspired by the talking circles indigenous cultures have used for thousands of years. A talking piece, or totem, was passed from person to person in a circle.

People spoke only when they held the totem, creating spaces where everyone’s voice was heard.

I appreciate having a space to express myself and not feel the need to validate or respond to others.

I'm so glad I came, this is exactly what I've been needing.

It was the best experience.

YES!!! I love the safe space that was, created.

Keepers guide you

In our community, we use the term "Keeper" to refer to a moderator. Keepers provide discussion topics and prompts. They also ensure safety, allowing participants to comfortably share their stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be anonymous?

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What about privacy?

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Is this a replacement for therapy?

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Are Keepers therapists?

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